Strings Italian Cafe

(916) 983-9556

Phone: (916) 983-9556
Fax: (916) 983-9547
1013 Riley Street
Folsom, CA 95630
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_MSC_RESIZED_IMAGEMussels simmered in a zesty seafood broth $6.59

[b]Shrimp Scampiā€¦
4 stars - out of5 based on 9 votes reviews
pretty good Rating: 8.00
2006/1/31 20:16:48
Food here is good and so is the service. Kid friendly. But I think i've found Visconte's and the Spaghetti Factory to be tastier.
- Fritz Ziegenmeyer

Great Food! Rating: 10.00
2006/8/27 21:56:56
Love their pasta! Very confortable and friendly atmosphere!

El Dorado Hills Strings Cafe Rating: 9.00
2004/4/27 15:08:55
There's a new Strings in EDH on the Latrobe Side of HWY 50. I liked it. The service was very good. There were six in our party and they had the meal out very quickly even though the resturaunt was packed. You need six to get a reservation, otherwise it's first come first served. The portions were fairly generous, but not overly so. A bit more pasta on the side would be nice. Prices are very reasonable.
- John Klein

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Strings Italian Cafe

1013 Riley Street
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 983-9556
Fax: (916) 983-9547

Hours of Operation

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