India House

India House

(916) 817-4356

Phone: (916) 817-4356
2776 E Bidwell St. Suite 300
Folsom, CA 95630
Hours of Operation

Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner 3:00pm - 9:30pm

Lunch 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner 3:00pm - 10:00pm




Located in the heart of the City of Folsom, we are just off the Highway 50 at the foothills of Sierra-Nevada Mountains in the Greater Sacramento region at the intersection of East Bidwell Street and Broadstone Parkway.


Adult Lunch Buffet
Special Lunch Buffet (Saturday-Sunday)
Child Lunch Buffet

Soda Included in all Buffet

Our menu offers a variety of Authentic Indian dishes.
In addition to our daily buffet;

  • South Indian Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Delights
  • Chicken Delights
  • Lamb Specialties
  • Rice Delights
  • Breads
  • Drinks and Sweets

    Appetizers and Entrees
    Rasam and Tomato Soup
    Papadam - Crispy lentil wafers
    Mixed Veg, Spinach, Onion, Potato, Cheese or Chicken Pakora
    Pakora is a fried chick pea dumpling
    Special Mix Assorted - Samosa and vegetable pakoras
    Veg or Meat Samosa
    Samosa is two crispy patties stuffed
    Reshmi Tikka
    Boneless breast chicken marinated in herbs and spices
    Sheesh Kabab
    Ground lamb mixed with herbs and spices then cooked on skewers
    Tandoori Assorted
    Tandoori chicken, reshmi tikka, sheekh kabab Served with hot and mild sauce
    Aloo Tikki
    Mashed potatoes grilled with spices
    Chole Bhature
    Curried chick peas with fluffy, friend bread
    Poori Chole
    Chick peas lightly fried with onion, served with poori
    Somasa Chole
    Spicy potato patties with chick peas served with hot and sweet chutnies
    Gobi Manchurian

    *A La Carte includes Rice

    Paneer Tikka - Chef style cheese cubes with vegetables
    Tandoori Chicken- Chicken marinated in herbs and baked in clay oven
    Chicken Tikka - Boneles chicken breast marinated in sauce and baked in clay oven
    Lamb Boti Kaba - Lamb cubes marinated in spicy yogurt sauce and baked in clay oven
    Tandoori Mixed Grill - Assorted tandoori meats


    South Indian
    Masala Dosa - Crepes filled with spicy potato & onions
    Onion Dosa - Crepes filled with onions
    Plain Dosa - Rice & lentil crepes
    Idli - Steamed rice cake with lentil gravy & chutney
    Upma - Spicy preperation of cream of wheat with onions
    Onion Utappam - Lentil pancake with onions
    Veg Utappam - Lentil pancake with vegetables
    Rava Dosa - Cream of wheat crepes
    Rava Masala Dosa - Cream of wheat crepes with spicy potato & onions
    Vada - Lentil doughnut in lentil gravy & chutney

    Vegetarian Delights
    Dal Makhni - Assortment of lentils cooked with home style herbs and spices
    Mattar Paneer - Home made cheese and green peas in gravy
    Malai Kofta - Cheese amd vegeratable rounds in a mild sauce
    Paneer Makhni - Home made cheese in a mild creamy sauce
    Aloo Gobhi - Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices
    Aloo Curry/Dum Aloo - Potatoes cracked with a special sauce
    Channa Masala - Garbanzo beans in a special blend of spices
    Palak Paneer - Spinach and home made cheese with spices
    Bengan Bhartha - Egg plant baked in a clay oven coooked ina home made sauce
    Navratan Korma - Rich vegetables with nuts and a creamy sauce
    Mixed Vegetable - Mixed vegetables in a home made style of herbs and spices
    Saag Paneer - Spinach, broccoli and home made cheese with spices
    Okra (Bhindi) Masala - Cut okra sauteed with onions and tomatoes
    Paneer Bhurji - Grated cheese with herbs

    Lamb Specialties
    Rogan Josh - A classic lamb curry
    Lamb Saag - Lamb cooked ina spinach and mild sauces
    Lamb Korma - Cashew nut and coconut based on a lamb curry
    Lamb Karachi - Lamb cooked with mild cream sauce
    Lamb Do Piaza - Lamb cooked in abundance of onions
    Keema Mattar - Minced lamb with green peas
    Lamb Vindaloo - Extra spiced lamb cooked with potatoes
    Lamb Curry - Lamb pieces cooked in spicy sauce

    Chicken Delights
    Chicken Maharaja - Boneless tandoori chicken delicately spiced in sauces
    Chicken Tikka Masala - Tandoori chicken tikki cooked in tomato and yogurt sauce
    Chicken Saag - Boneless chicked cooked in spinach and mild sauce
    Chicken Korma - Cashew nuts and coconut with chicken
    Chicken Do Piaza - Chicken curry cooked in an abundance of onions
    Desi Chicken - Chicken breast with spicy curry sauce
    Chili Chicken - Tender pieces of chicken cooked with spring onions, bell peppers, spices & herbs
    Karahi Chicken - Chicken cook in mild sauce
    Egg Curry - Egg cooked in mild gravy
    Butter Chicken - Chicken pieces marinated in spices, tomato, cream & butter sauce
    Chicken Vindaloo - Extra spiced chicken cooked with potatoes
    Chicken Curry - Boneless chicken cooked in a mild spicy sauce

    Rice Delights
    Chicken Biryani
    Lamb Biryani
    Vegetable Biryani
    Egg Fried Rice
    Veg Fried Rice
    India House Special Biryani - Vegetable, lamb, chicken biryani garnished with nuts
    Steamed Rice

    Chapati - Basic whole wheat bread
    Naan - Unleavened flat bread in tandoor
    Paratha - Whole wheat dense bread
    Tandoori Paratha - Wheat break baked in tandoor
    Garlic Nan - Flat white flour bread baked with garlic
    Kabuli Nan - Flat white flour bread stuffed with fruits and nuts
    Onion Kulcha - Oven baked bread with chopped onions
    Aloo Paratha - Wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes
    Gobhi Paratha - Wheat bread stuffed with cauliflower
    Keema Nan - Unleavend bread stuffed with minced lamb
    Paneer Paratha - Wheat bread stuffed with home made cheese
    Bhature - Deep friend fluffy bread

    Beer & Wine, Soda, Tea, Milk and more


    India House provides catering services for your party needs. You may also pick up orders directly from our restaurant.
4.5 stars - out of5 based on 98 votes reviews
Rating: 10.00
2006/9/13 10:19:35
We love it. This is one of our favorite places to eat. We love Indian food and were excited to see a new place opening in Folsom because we were disappointed in the other local Indian restaurant. If you enjoy the flavor please go back as the service is getting better with time. If you happen to be there when the owner Dr. Pasumarthy is there he will welcome any suggestion you have for improvment. If he is not there, speak with BJ, the main waiter. They are friendly and will make compensations if you feel you had poor service or bad food. This is a new location but will surely make it. We go there at least twice a month if not once a week. If you want it spicy, ask for spicy...I'd be willing to bet you wont be able to finish it!!!!
- Joan & Bob Mason

India House Rating: 10.00
2007/11/10 9:28:52
This place is one of the best Indian food restaurants in the Sacramento area... the food is always fresh and there is always a variety. Definately a must try whether you are a lover of indian food or have never tried it. Now my favorite place to eat!
- David McDaniel

Great Experience Rating: 10.00
2009/5/13 14:36:46
I don't know where to begin with my review of this place. From the minute I walked in I was taken aback by the beautiful presentation of the restaurant. Every nook and cranny was decorated with extremely tasteful Indian decor that whisked me away to the North of India in Spring. This is an example of what Feng Shui should be. The elegant buffet line was accented with beautiful serving dishes and in an order that clearly took some time to create. The man who greeted us was a kind strong man, 8 feet tall if he was 4. Yet he had an extremely nice persona and soft hands that reminded me of those of my grandfather when I was a child. He sincerely thanked us for coming in and presented us to our table aka throne. I almost felt uneasy with the exceptional care that was taken, I now know what it feels like to be a prince. Now the food. Again upon entering my palette was treated to a dance of fresh basmati rice hinted with Indian curry and herbs. I was lost in my mind for a moment as if by some magical force I had been transported to the southern region of India, where food and beautiful women were plentiful. I could barely maintain my composure but was able to serve myself a hearty helping of exquisite Indian food. I covered my rice with a rich, euphoric waterfall of masala sauce. When I bit into the first bite, the feeling I had was indescribable, but as if somehow the memories of my childhood and first kiss were blended together in beautiful dream. I was barely able to snap out of it to see the waiter bring me some fresh naan with butter which literally floated down to my plate and then melted in my mouth. When I was too full to eat anymore I began to sob. The kind man from before assured me we'd be welcomed back to this paradise with open arms. If the economy was better I would eat every meal here. After eating here a few times now, my doctor has been shocked to find the cancer I suffer from is now in remission. India house cured my cancer. I'm thinking about moving to India.

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2011 "Folsom All Stars" Most Popular & Higest Rated Indian Cuisine. Presented By Folsom Living Web Site. 

2011 "Talk of the Town" Most reviewed business online.

2011: Readers Choice Award By Style Magazine.

2010 "Folsom All Stars" Most Popular & Higest Rated Indian Cuisine. Presented By Folsom Living Web Site. 

2010 "Talk of the Town" Most reviewed business online.

2009: Best of The Best Indian Food By The El Dorado Hills, The folsom Telegraph Readers Choice Award.

2009 "Talk of the Town" Most reviewed business in Restaurants from E Restaurants.

2008: Folsom All Stars Most Popular & Higest Rated Indian Cuisine. Presented By Folsom Living Web Site.

2006: Best of The Best People's Choice Award. Presented By, The Folsom, The El Dorado hills telegraph.

2004-2006: County Of Sacramento Award of Excellence in Food Safety.


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India House

2776 E Bidwell St. Suite 300
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 817-4356

Hours of Operation
Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner 3:00pm - 9:30pm

Lunch 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner 3:00pm - 10:00pm

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