Andi Redden Personal Trainer

Andi Redden Personal Trainer

(916) 715-8377

Phone: (916) 715-8377
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By Appointment Only.
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Developing functional strength in clients – the kind of fitness that helps people do everyday tasks with ease – is where Andi finds the greatest satisfaction.  A personal trainer since 1993, Andi has these certifications and specializations:

  • Personal and Small Group Training
  • Post-Rehabilitation Fitness
  • Heart Zones Testing and Training specialist
  • Therapeutic/Sports Massage
  • Mat Pilates/Cardio Kickboxing
  • Sports-Specific and Functional Conditioning

“Through observation and communication I am able to develop a program that is effective and efficient."

There is a special uniqueness to each individual and I make a point of getting to know my clients well.  This way I can anticipate what will make them succeed or not. Helping my clients discover their range of abilities and building their training strength translates into helping them build muscle and perform everyday tasks with more ease.

"If the client feels ownership of the program, then coming to work with me is more than just having an appointment.  It represents their having incorporated changes into their lifestyle, from what they eat to how they exercise.  When this happens they express pride in the changes they’ve made or, better still, tell me I need to add some weight to the machine. It’s not about pounds, it’s about how they feel.”

Therapeutic/Sports Massage

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Great person. Great experience Rating: 10.00
2011/5/23 6:52:28
Recently I decided to talk with a personal training about improving my running and overall body appearance. I made an appointment with Andi and was completely blown away. Andi first introduced me to some techniques to stretch and warm up my muscles that were great. Next she taught be some exercises that work multiple muscles and produce strength building results in a short amount of time. I 100% recommend Andi and Elite Fitness Coaching

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Andi Redden Personal Trainer

Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 715-8377

Hours of Operation
By Appointment Only.

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