Empire Ranch Self Storage

Empire Ranch Self Storage

"Folsom's Newest State-of-the-art Storage Facility"

Phone: 916-984-1102
300 S. Lexington Dr
Folsom, CA 95630
Hours of Operation

Store Hours:
9am - 5pm Daily

Gate Hours:
7am - 7pm Daily
List of Categories:
Self Storage and Rentals

Folsom's state-of-the-art storage facility is here! We are conveniently located at 300 S. Lexington Drive at Oak Avenue Parkway (near California Family Fitness). Offering a variety of assorted sites from 5' by 5' to 10' by 30' in size, including Climate Controlled units. We are a full-service facility offering the latest in security technology, convenient hours, easy access, and competitive pricing. Please call or come by Empire Ranch Self Storage: our friendly staff will be happy to help accomodate your needs!

Climate Control
Climate controlled environments preserve the quality and value of your belongings by providing control of temperature and humidity. Excessive heat cold or moisture can damage a wide range of materials. Climate controlled spaces will help in eliminating humidity fluctuations and keep the tcniperature from falling below 50F or rising above 85F. Our climate controlled buildings also offer a clean, fresh environment.

Full Service
Empire Ranch Self Storage is proud to offer you the following services:

  • 7 day access
  • Computerized gate entry (accessible from your vehicle)
  • Video surveillance
  • Individually alarmed units
  • Delivery acceptance
  • Facility carts
  • Resident manager
  • Fire-resistant metal construction

    Moving, Storage & Packing Supplies
    For your convenience, Empire Ranch Self Storage offers the following: boxes, locks, bubble-wrap, packing tape, package wrapping paper, etc.

    Interior & Drive-up Units
    Approximate space size:
    5x5 10x15
    5x10 10x20
    5x15 10x22
    10x10 10x25
    10x12 10x30

    Climate Control Units
    Approximate space size:
    5x5 5x15
    5x10 10x10
    10x12 10x15

    Size Guide
    Approx. space size: Contents
    5x5 Boxes
    5x10 1 to 2 Rooms
    10x10-10x15 3 to 4 Rooms
    10x20-10x22 4 to 5 Rooms 0
    10x25-10x30 5+ Rooms
  • 5 stars - out of5 based on 6 votes reviews
    Excellent Rating: 10.00
    2006/12/18 16:18:30
    We love the people at this place!! Very helpful. They let us use the truck for free and gave us great service. It's new and very nice.
    - chris L.

    Excellence Rating: 10.00
    2009/8/27 13:51:06
    Self-storage places can be unpredictable, and are often staffed by grumpy, bitter people. We have been happy with Empire Ranch from day one. They are vigilant about security, but manage to do this without being obnoxious to their customers and are able to apply reason and discretion when needed. It is more like dealing with a small local business than a big ugly chain. Could it be because they are a small local business?
    - Kevin Andrews

    Great Customer Service! Rating: 10.00
    2006/8/21 20:35:13
    For a brand new business/facility, Empire Ranch Self Storage is really on the ball. I felt so well taken care of. Their prices are competitive and the service is outstanding.
    - Loren Jordan

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    Empire Ranch Self Storage

    300 S. Lexington Dr
    Folsom, CA 95630

    Phone: 916-984-1102

    Hours of Operation
    Store Hours:
    9am - 5pm Daily

    Gate Hours:
    7am - 7pm Daily

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