Miss Mandy's In-Home Child Care and Preschool

(916) 355-0203

Phone: (916) 355-0203
Cell: (916) 370-9909
Near Intel behind Lembi Field.
Folsom, Ca 95630
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Over 15 years experience

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4.5 stars - out of5 based on 28 votes reviews
Fabulous, consistent, attentive, professional Rating: 10.00
2010/1/19 21:49:32
Whatever the heck those negative reviews about being a poor infant care provider are RUBBISH!!! Sour grapes from a couple she did not feel was a good fit. Note the annoymous signature... I'm sure when she turns down someone it's a monetary loss for her. She is about true happy childcare for both child and parent and I've seen that demonstrated. Miss Mandy has my son part time from infancy. I'm a stay at home Mom who goes to school but if I needed full time she's be the one and only. She took care of him in his worst days in infancy - unrelenting colic and he required medication. My son is almost 3 now and has picked up only good habits and additional manners. I was weary of that since he has no other interaction with children and I feared would pick up a few wild hairs being in some kind of child care. He said one day out of the blue "May I please have a..". We say please and thank you at home but not "May I", so one of many things we noticed he's picked up being there. I highly recommend her, and anyone who would like to talk to me about it I'm happy to chat with them. Joanne
- Joanne Madams

Miss Mandy's Daycare Rating: 10.00
2006/8/31 20:07:10
Mandy is very clean and very organized and truly loves the children!
- Tina Sandy

Best Provider Around Rating: 10.00
2008/4/1 12:05:21
Miss Mandy is the best provider around. I interviewed several providers in our area, and no one compared to Mandy. I knew from the moment I met her and saw how her home preschool was set-up, that she was the person I wanted my children with when I couldn't be with them. Our son has been in Miss Mandy's care since he was 11 weeks old and is now getting ready to go to Kindergarten. Our daughter is still in Miss Mandy's care and has been since she was a young infant. She is now 2 and loves being with Mandy as much as my son did during all his years with her. Miss Mandy's is a fun, safe & loving place. The children have so much fun. She is so wonderful to our children. She is dedicated to the children and she has dedicated a large part of her home to the children, very kid friendly.
- The Williamson Family

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Miss Mandy's In-Home Child Care and Preschool

Near Intel behind Lembi Field.
Folsom, Ca 95630

Phone: (916) 355-0203
Cell: (916) 370-9909
Hours of Operation

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