(916) 984-8607

Phone: (916) 984-8607
25095 Blue Ravine Road
Folsom, CA 95630
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Rating: 9.00
2007/9/4 13:05:45
My family and I have been here several times and we've had grat service and great food every time. Mario and his staff are excellent. The atmosphere is great for both families and those who want to sit at the bar and enjoy happy hour.
- Jeff Alkire

Fabulous! Rating: 10.00
2007/5/10 8:32:15
I've been here a couple of times for dinner and the service and food are amazing. The owner even walks around and talks to everyone and makes sure everyone is happy. I've also been to the bar and had drinks and appetizers with the same excellent service. I often recommend this place to friends and family and everyone has loved it. It was also very much needed in this section of town. Thank You Mario!!
- Karen

Very good food Rating: 10.00
2007/5/2 23:50:38
I often visit this restaurant and everything I have tried so far was very good. The last dinner I chose was a steak with onion dinner they have. I definitly loved it and I plan on having it again next time I head out there. I am not big on Salsa so I really have no say, but from what my friends say, they are big fans and often ask the waiter/waitress why they don't sell it. The last time my wife and I ordered fajitas, I choose the Steak and Chicken, just because I am the steak person. It was more then enough for 2. I wanted some extra cheese because the plate did not have any, and my waiter just brought it out. I hear the margaritas are pretty good, though I stay with Water and Iced Tea. All in all if you have a chance definitly stop by and try it for your self. That is the best way to test the food. I definitly recomend to try a few different plates before making your descision. Since I like ordering different things, I often find meals that I do not like, but if I were to judge the restaurant for that meal, then I did not give it the benifit of the doubt.
- Jason

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25095 Blue Ravine Road
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 984-8607

Hours of Operation

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