Balcony Bistro

(916) 353-0733

Phone: (916) 353-0733
801 1/2 Sutter St
Folsom, CA 95630
Hours of Operation

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California Cuisine

Welcome to Balcony Bistro in Folsom                       Located in historic downtown …
4.5 stars - out of5 based on 18 votes reviews
The Bistro Experience Rating: 10.00
2008/1/6 15:55:52
I ate at this restaurant last week, and I'm ready to go back. I can't stop thinking about the fresh crab benedict that I had. Eggs Benedict is my benchmark for restaurants. They had several kinds to choose from traditional, crab, vegi, smoked salmon and ahi tuna. The eggs were poached perfectly, the sauce was light with just the right amount of tang. My companion had stuffed french toast. It was stuffed with cream cheese and berries, then baked and grilled to a beautiful golden brown. Ok, i gotta stop. I'm making myself even more hungry. All I can say is give it a try.
- Forest Clark

Brunch Rating: 9.00
2007/8/28 10:33:30
I Love the Bistro for Brunch are you kidding me????? try the smoked salmon platter it's to die for the Ahi Salad and the Eggs Beni are teriffic I don't know what he is talking about it's our favorite place and I recommed it to all our friends. Besides when you are waiting for a table they serve you a glass of FREE champage or coffee who else does that in Folsom HUMMMMMMM
- Heather Burger

The Best Rating: 10.00
2008/3/7 21:26:42
This place rocks! the new chef is fantastic the food is unbeleivable it is the best in town, I love it. Try the Bassa fish with walnuts served in a red grape wine sauce.....!!!! the rack of lamb is teriffic with the fresh ratatouille and roasted garlic mash. They have homemade breads served warm and a great wine list just teriffic I will only go to the Balcony Bistro from now on I have been 4 times and never was unhappy with the food, service a must go to John Strinic E.D.H.
- Linda Thomas

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Great Folsom Bistro

Lunch Menu at the Folsom Balcony Bistro

Sandwiches served with House Potatoes or salad
* * * * * * * 

Balcony Burger.........................6.95
Potabella Mushroom burger.............9.95
Monte Cristo Sandwich..................8.95
Beefeater on a croissant....................9.25
Fomous San Francisco Crab sandwich.......9.95
Chicken on a croissant..................10.95
New York Steak Sandwich...............10.95
Seared Ahi Sandwich on french Baguette......8.95
Antipasto saled...................10.95
Cobb Saled..................10.95
Chicken Ceaser Saled..............8.95
Seared Ahi Saled....................8.95

Cannelloni Crepes...............8.95
Soup and Saled.............7.95
Crab Omelet................9.95
California Omelet.........8.95
Ham and Cheese Omelet.........8.95
Eggs, Any Style................7.95
Beverages at the Folsom Bistro

Ice Tea, Arnold Palmer, Lemonade, Diet Coke, Coke and Sprite 1.75
Cofee and Hot Herbal Teas1.95
French Soda: Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry 3.00
Orange Juice 3.00  Bottled Water 1.25
Ty Nant Wate3.50
Frozen Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream 4.95


Foslom Balcony Bistro Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available in all dollar increments and can be mailed anywhere. You will need a credit card and the address to be mailed to. Call 916-370-4210 and ask to speak to a manager. They will be glad to assist you!


Large partis at the Folsom Balcony Bistro?

 We can accomadate parties from 6 to 60 people with special menus available. Prices range from $21 to $35 per person, depending on meal quanities ordered.

All meals include an entree and soup or salad. Appetizer platters cost an additional $8 per person, and most desserts cost an additional $4.50 per person. Vegetarian dishes can also be added or substituted upon request.

Certain conditions and restrictions do apply. For more information, or to make a reservation, please call and ask to speak with the manager.

Balcony Bistro is located on the corner of wool and sutter street in old Folsom on the second story of the bulding

Look for the big balcony bistro sign and just follow your nose

You can find our FOLSOM BISTRO Convieniently located on
801 Sutter Street
Folsom, California

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Balcony Bistro

801 1/2 Sutter St
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 353-0733

Hours of Operation

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