Pizza Guys
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Pizza Guys
612 E Bidwell St
(916) 983-0300

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4 star rating
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2006/11/19 17:27:13
3.5 star rating
Rating: 7.0000

Pretty Good
"We order Pizza Guys a few times a month and overall have been pleased. The pizza is fair (not as good as some of the specialty pizza shops on Sutter Street) but always fresh and hot when it arrives. We use the coupons so toppings are minimal sometimes. The service is always very good. The people who answer the phone are courteous. I don't get placed on hold forever, like some other places. And the pizza arrives on time without fail. Overall, for a busy family on a budget, Pizza Guys has proven to be a pretty good deal. I balance the meal with fresh salad from home and fruit."

2006/9/15 17:21:20
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000