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Folsom Bookkeeping
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2010/9/24 20:14:19
Justin Waller
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great work
"Jennifer is adaptable and professional. I have had major adjustments in my business several times in the last 18 months and she has adjusted course with all of them without a hitch. She does great work and I would highly recommend her!!"

2010/8/4 14:47:25
Terry Wheeler
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"Jennifer is great to work with and has our books in better shape than ever. We run a law firm with lots of tracking issues and she has done a great job in helpingt us to simplify our reports. She is reliable, knowlegable, and easy going. We would highly recommend her services to anyone needing assistance."

2010/8/3 11:50:05
Josh and Lindsay Barrett
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"My husband and I started a business earlier in the year and made quite a mess of our books from the get go! Jennifer came to us and simplified everything. Not only did she fix our books FAST, she helped us to understand it so that we didn't wind up in the same boat again! She is professional, friendly, and the BEST at what she does! Thanks again for everything Jennifer!"

2010/8/3 0:41:20
Takashi Hiraga
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Simply the best!
"I have worked with a few book keepers last 11 years and Jennifer earned her top rating based on my experience with her efficiency, dependability and accuracy which are the essentials in financial record keeping. Though everyone exhibits a unique personality in service style, I prefer Jennifer who works flawlessly and quietly behind the business scene yet in complete sync with my CPA. I donít pay much attention to any financial documents and I am very comfortable, thanks to Jennifer."