Folsom Lake Toyota
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Folsom Lake Toyota
12640 Auto Mall Circle
(916) 355-1414

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1.5 star rating
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2008/11/21 9:54:46
Jim Fredricks
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"I went to Folsom Lake Toyota in need of financing, and I knew my credit wasn't so good. I spoke to someone in the Special Financing department and they were very helpful and understanding of my situation. They helped me find a car and told me how to fix my credit. I was so excited I got to take my new car home right away!"

2007/8/13 21:01:34
Mohana K
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Poor customer service
"I had been there to decide used or new toyota car. First thing I noticed is buch of sales (around 15) just sitting with out any work. As soon as I entered, one guy approached me with print out of used car prices. When I asked to show some cars, he does not want to move. He just stands and talks something other than what you asked for. Finally I asked, why they are selling two year old models with current new car price, he says, toyota is reliable. Does it mean we need to buy two year old car for new car price? he did not answer. He just left me inbetween and went for other customer. I went to find new car info. The other guy also has some problem. They do not want to show the cars. They do not want to shop, they want to give car, which they say, not what you like."

2006/11/25 9:37:45
J Bamfield
1 star rating
Rating: 2.0000

"I was out of town and the car I bought there on wouldn't start. Had a friend jump start it and wife drove it to the dealer. The car was still on waranty and they wanted $200 for checking it out & a battery! When I returned I called regional Toyota service and got everything refunded (waranty). They (dealer) were stonewalling the wife with "this isn't covered by waranty..." I think their credibility is verry suspect!"

2006/10/11 21:49:19
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Very bad se
"I went to the dealership to fix a check engine light and get smog check done. After inspecting the vehicle they said that a couple of senspors were bad and, asked me to fix a waterpump and replace timing belt as well. Total cost $1000. They kep car for 2 days. When I went to pick it up I asked them to give the smog certificate. They searched the database but could not find the record and asked me to come back the next day since the person who runs these tests had gone home. The next day I got call that none of the repairs had been done - and, the parts were lying in their store. I was charged $1000 but no repairs had been done nor a smog check done as well. In fact, I feel that if I had not asked for a smog certificate none of this might have got caught. I wonder how many others would have been a victom of this. Be very very beware of this service at this dealership. They kep car for additinal 2 days. they said that they needed one day but ended up keeping it for a day more. Advice caution going to this dealership "