Round Table Pizza
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Round Table Pizza
2793 E Bidwell St. Suite 100
(916) 983-9220

Total Rating
3 star rating
Based on 6 votes

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2011/9/6 0:14:05
Mark R
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"These guys do a great job on the lunch buffet! I pass up two other Round Tables to go to this one even though it's farther away. Cheers!"

2010/12/6 16:25:06
Ryan B
2 star rating
Rating: 4.0000

Hit or Miss
"I was ordering from here at least once everyother week. The problem is that the pie is very inconsistent!! The last 2 were not good! I gave up!! "

2008/11/10 17:46:12
Logan Wild
1.5 star rating
Rating: 3.0000

Not the Real Round Table
"Every Time I have ordered pizza from them something was screwed up. The pizza is expensive and not the real Round Table I remember. It's just ok thats why I am on here looking for better pizza place"

2006/10/15 9:32:26
Fritz Ziegenmeyer
4 star rating
Rating: 8.0000

It's a round table
"Service is usually good, sometimes it's over-crowded. My son's 1st Birthday party went well. I've never had a bad pizza from this place. Round Table is my favorite large chain pizza joint. Costs more but is always better than the other big chains. "

2006/9/8 15:19:35
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

good pizza
"I grew up on roundtable and am always happy to taste the good 'ol ingredients again. Not as good as some, but ranks near the top!"

2006/4/26 17:28:21
Mark Mikes
3.5 star rating
Rating: 7.0000

Round Table Pizza
"Nice environment and clean. Pizza is sometimes unpredictable, and always salty. "