Folsom Family Taekwondo
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Folsom Family Taekwondo
330 E Bidwell St.
(916) 983-1735

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2011/6/28 21:52:35
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great school, excellent instructor
"I am a black belt who trained under Grandmaster Sun Duk Choi in Arizona. I spend many weeks per year in Folsom and when I'm here I train at Folsom Taekwondo Center with Master Corrie. The facility is superb, the high belts are well trained and Master Corrie is outstanding. He is a bonafide master and I don't care how many years it took him to get there. I highly recommend this school and ask others to try it first and see for yourself. "

2007/4/12 15:09:30
jack corrie
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

False Entries
"The Folsom Taekwondo Program has been in business for over 20 years and turned out more champions than any school in the country. Our Black Belts are of the highest quality and consistently win in regional, state, national and world competition. Folsom does not have a $2000 program and has always charged moderate prices for the highest quality program. Most all Taekwondo instructors in the area come from this program. The Fallon's comments are false. He quit and has not come back for his belt that is sitting there available. Sad that when they achieve something the parents make it ok to quit. Wearing a black belt and being one are two very different things!"

2006/12/1 23:17:06
jeff vaughn
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

"these guys are only in it for the money, they will not teach you anything of value. made me sign a$2000 (2year) contract. promised me a bunch of classes but they all got canceled. . ended up with useless "karate" training and had to pay $70 every 2 months for belt fees!!!! if you like to spend money on nothing, go ahead. . . terrible service, ignorant owner stay away!!!! this place is a scam"

2006/9/14 20:06:31
Michelle Fallon
1.5 star rating
Rating: 3.0000

Poorly run business
"My son earned his black belt in Oct 2005. I paid $200+ to get his certificate and embroidered black belt. I have yet to receive his embroidered black belt and the owner, Master Courie (sp?) will NOT return any of the calls. The instructors are nice and apologetic. They give him the messages but he never calls. Now the number is disconnected. I'm thoroughly disgusted. My son worked hard for his black belt and he should get it. I have called month after month and have been given the run around: "its on order", "I don't know what the status is", etc. But never can I talk to the owner. Pathetic."

2006/9/13 9:03:12
S. Mahlberg
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000