Ernies of Lake Tahoe
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Ernies of Lake Tahoe
707 E Bidwell St
(916) 983-3960

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3 star rating
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2010/4/13 9:05:32
1 star rating
Rating: 2.0000

Very Dirty
"The food and service was average. Not very clean. felt like old casino . "

2009/6/14 9:28:58
Greg Walker
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great food, great prices, A+ service
"I am not sure what restaurant some of these reviews are about, but they certainly are not Ernie's. Ernie's is a locally owned, family run place, and it shows throughout. The service is invariably stellar and the food quality is exquisite. It is not a chi-chi gourmet brunch place, it is a breakfast joint, and they do breakfast joint better than anyone else in town. The portions are on the large side of reasonable, but not the 21st century standard of enough for four on every plate. It is a good, generous portion for one. When given the choice of Ernie's or any other local breakfast place, I invariably choose Ernie's."

2008/12/18 19:29:42
Susan Miller
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000


2008/3/12 6:28:04
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

"I have never seen a more kid friendly and adult friendly place. EVER. I have been to many restaurants and am usually treated like just a person taking up space. Here, everyone is treated like they have been family forever. I dont think that anyone was not talked to by the servers, no matter where they were. And children were in no way treated like they were an annoyance. Hugs, kisses and coloring books and obviously they keep coming back for a reason"

2007/12/28 9:47:07
Scout Dubois
1.5 star rating
Rating: 3.0000

Chips for Breakfast?
"I went to Ernies and had the Ranchero breakfast and it came to me like a bowl of nacho's with fake cheese? hummmm and tortilla chips at 9:00am. not doing it...I will stick to Balcony Bistro for there huverous rancheros (authentic) yum good eats there..I will give it another try for Lunch, I here the sandwiches are good and the chili. "

2007/11/17 23:58:57
michael atwood
2.5 star rating
Rating: 5.0000

"This place is no Rosie's in Rancho for breakfest or even the Cornerstone it replaced. You don't get your money's worth. Small portions. I mentioned it to the waitress, but was told that they are very popular in tahoe? who cares! Also got up and got my own second helping of coffee."

2007/7/9 14:27:58
2 star rating
Rating: 4.0000

Barely so-so
"We went for breakfast and while the food wasn't terrible it was far from the good food you get at either Seasons or Lake Forest Cafe. I ordered an egg white omelet like I do whenever I eat breakfast out; it was lacking flavor which was surprising considering it was drenched in oil and dripping with processed cheese. I ordered the fruit bowl instead of the potato's and I was given about 5 small slices of watermelon. My wife ordered a breakfast burrito and it was, in a word: sour creamy. That's two words but you get my point. It was covered in sour cream and I couldn't see much else than that. So, it wasn't terrible but it was really only one step above IHOP or the Waffle House. I'll keep going to Seasons or Lake Forest for my breakfast."

2007/6/20 16:13:35
Chris Garvin
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great place to eat!
"Great food, fantastic service, fun atmosphere. My group eats there every week and we love it!"

2007/4/25 9:54:44
Fritz Ziegenmeyer
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

excellent service and very tasty
"My family enjoyed a very good breakfast here. I don't know if the poor ratings some people gave it are because it was bad day, or they work for IHOP and don't want to lose business. This location as had problems changing from Boston Market to Country Kitchen to now Ernies of Lake Tahoe. Based on the number of customers I see there when I drive by and my experience, I think this place may finally be a winner."

2006/12/7 12:04:26
4 star rating
Rating: 8.0000

New business and owners on the up and up
"Country Kitchen appears to have become Ernie's of Lake Tahoe in November. The menu, staff and attitude looks fresh compared to how the place was in the past!!. They really decorated the place with a Lake Tahoe feel for those Lake Tahoe travelers out there. I guess there is another popular Ernie's in South Lake and the new owners are not only related but using the same brand. Anyways the one breakfast and one lunch I have had overall was good and the front staff was very welcoming and friendly. The menu was big with alot of alternatives for breakfast especially and lunch as well. They have make your own salads for lunch which is nice for us bigger folks and really tasty gourmey coffee! I gave them an 8 since it appears they are still working through hiring staff and training etc.... The place should only get better I would expect."