Baskin Robbins / Togo's
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Baskin Robbins / Togo's
900 E. Bidwell
(916) 983-0289

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3 star rating
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2009/8/12 6:03:59
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

"Good food and service. Love Togo's sandwiches"

2007/11/9 15:47:46
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

"We went in with a large group and kind of overwhelmed the empoyees, but they did a great job taking care of us."

2007/10/24 15:07:36
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Oreo Cookie Sundae
"My son and I visited Baskin Robbins on Wed., Oct. 24, 2007. We ordered two Oreo sundaes. The server was new, and had trouble making the sundaes. At one point, when he went to add the crushed oreos, they were out. He asked another employee what to do and she advised him to just skip them and add the hot fudge. When he gave us the sundaes, they were so small, that I asked if the price would be less than the $5 listed. The server who told him to skip the oreos, advised me that all sundaes are made with kid scoops and that he was a new employee, had made the sundae correctly and that he had pushed the scoops down. The sundae was so small, that even with the whip cream added, there was still about two inches of space to the top of the clear, plastic cup. It looked nothing like the picture advertised on the menu. When I pointed that out, they advised me that the sundae was made correctly. The server offered to crush some oreos into the cup, but by then, I was so disgusted with the poor service that I just wanted to get out of there. If I hadn't had my son with me, who had been looking forward to the treat, I would not have accepted the substandard sundaes. This was the second time Baskin Robbins failed to make the sundaes correctly. Unfortunately, due to the poor service and substandard fare, we will not be returning to this restaurant. "

2007/7/6 15:06:41
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

2006/12/28 15:59:02
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Chocolate Blast and dirty store
"My daughter and I visited the store Thursday, December 28, 2006 to get a Chocolate Blast. It took three tries before the server got the request right. He first made a chocolate shake, then a mocca blast and last the chocolate blast. When we finally go our Chocolate Blasts, the ice chunks were to big to fit through the straw. In addition to poor service, the counters and work areas did not appear to be very clean. There were ice cream spills that appeared to be days old, the ice cream freezer chests had gritty looking things on the surfaces and the glass didn't look as though it had been cleaned recently. The employees were poorly groomed. "