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2009/6/19 13:29:36
Laurence Toney
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Onestream Review
"This is perhaps the most frustrating review that I have ever written in my time with yelp. I work with a small startup and run product and marketing. In an effort to improve our user experience, I am the front line for inbound customer calls. We have a toll free number on our site that is geared for our customers, but the majority of the calls that we receive are from unsolicited vendors. Our toll free number does have caller ID so I can typically tell most of the cold calls and can just send them over to voicemail. For the past year, I have seen about 3 - 4 calls a week come in from Onstream IT Staffing. Today, I had enough and decided to let them know that we do not need their services. What transpired on this phone call was something that I have never experience before in a professional setting. Stephanie Gonzalez and IT Recruiter (and SF State graduate) asked to speak with one of our Directors on the development side. I asked a simple question "Is this a sales call?" and she said it was not, which led to my next question "Is Onestream a current vendor?" I knew the answer was no, and she told me "no" as well. Ms. Gonzalez said that she wanted to learn more about our open positions and was referred to our Development Director. At that point, I told her that we were not interested in an unsolicited sales call - her response was that the call was not unsolicited since she was referred (she does not know the definition of unsolicited). From this point, the call went downhill. Ms. Gonzalez demanded to speak with my boss and threatened to have her boss call my boss and tell him that I was turning down the opportunity for a lucrative business relationship. I understand that in a lot of instances sales teams need to get past a receptionist or some other type of gatekeeper to get to the decision maker in an organization. In this instance, our business is a small company and I actually answer the telephone because the toll free number is used for customer support. She asked for my name, which I decided was not necessary to give her (remember Ms. Gonzalez called unsolicited) and she became upset. At this point, I had enough told her goodbye and hung up the telephone. Since I wanted to make sure that our company was taken off their cold call list, I did a simple LinkedIn search to find the sales manager's name, Matt Hodell, and called and left him a voicemail explaining my interaction with Ms. Gonzalez and my request to be removed from their database. In addition, I followed up with an email to Matt and and email to the CEO of Onestream, Scott Woodland. Mr. Hodell gave me a call back and surprisingly was completely unapologetic. In fact, he told me that the conversation would have gone much better had I given her my name and told Ms. Gonzalez that I was the decision maker. My response to Mr. Hodell was that I would expect that Onestream would train their representatives to give the same level of respect to the person answering the phone to the decision making executives of a company. I asked Mr. Hodell if he felt that this unfortunate series of events was my fault and he told me that it was no ones fault. Next, I asked if he felt that Ms. Gonzalez's actions were appropriate or inappropriate. To my surprise, he told me that Ms. Gonzalez's actions "were appropriate given the circumstances and this would not have happened if you had told her your name." This is not a company that I recommend doing business with under any circumstances. In my opinion, we are in one of the worst recessions in memory and there are too many recruiters that will treat employees at all levels with respect to have to deal with someone like Ms. Gonzalez or a sales team managed in the style Mr. Hodell and Onstream employs. Personally, I would avoid Onstream IT Staffing at all costs."