Marks Sports Bar & Grill
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Marks Sports Bar & Grill
303 Iron Point Rd.
(916) 357-5567

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4 star rating
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2011/2/3 13:54:53
Lisa Miller
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Best Place In town, No other place like it!!!!
"This Bar and Grill Is awesome! A place where you can go to enjoy everything! Sports on 8 different t.v's, Bartenders who a welcoming, prompt, and friendly! The food is awesome, and The SERVICE even BETTER! They offer love music every Saturday night, and Karaoke on Friday night! I have never been to a better place! When you walk in the door you are greeter almost instantly, with a big smile and a what can I get for you! The Beer is the coldest I have ever had and the prices are great as well! I have been to other bars in Folsom who don't offer near the atmosphere and service, and wonderful guest service that I received at Marks and for these reason I will be back! It was like home away from home! Thanks again Marks for what you offer!"

2007/5/11 16:40:39
3 star rating
Rating: 6.0000

Great Tacos!
"We've only been there 2 times and we have lived in folsom several years. Not the biggest place, not the best selection of sports to watch, but service was good, and on tuesday nights they have $2.00 Taco's, and they were delicious!!! "

2007/3/18 9:10:18
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

2006/9/28 8:31:41
Mr. Kwid
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Simply the Best!
"By far, my favorite bar in Folsom! Great open atmosphere, excellent staff, superb drinks, and pretty tasty grub! I just love how you immediately feel welcome when you walk through the door. It's like one big happy goofy family! Plenty of plasmas all around the bar so not a minute of any game is missed! Pool, darts, the infamous patio... This place has it all! Great entertainment on the weekends too. And what's that? Karaoke every Wednesday?? I'M THERE DUDE!!"

2006/9/26 12:07:27
Andrew Warren
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"Finally a place for live music on saturdays with no cover charge, plenty of parking, and a great atmosphere. Recently Mark's started haveing live music on Saturdays and the place rocks. The bands are great, the service is wonderful, and even the food is tasty. I loved the outside patio so you can enjoy a little quiet while the party rocks inside. Check this place out. Yes, it is true one of the bands even allows you to come up and sing with them."

2006/6/13 18:15:36
Rock Star Gary
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

great food! reasonably priced drinks! great karaok
"If Rock Star Gary gives it a huge thumbs-up, it must be GOOD! Wednesday night karaoke is the best! Sandwiches, burgers, salads...everything is good to eat at Mark's! First-rate bartenders who know how to make the best drinks and serve a cold beer with a smile! Who can beat that? Great selection of beers (bottle and tap) too! I've watched the Kings on their HDTVs. There's no place better! Big outdoor patio to enjoy the summer nights! Go to Mark's already! And go on Wednesday nights to see Rock Star Gary!! The preceding review is brought to you by "

2006/3/11 19:36:31
Yo Mamma
1 star rating
Rating: 2.0000

Service Sucked
"I had to ask several times for ketchup and utensils to eat with!!! The blonde with long hair seemed so far into outerspace and overwhelmed when only four tables were being served with minimal customers at the bar itself. Beer was good, food was ok, service was horrible. I hope to find a better sports bar in Folsom soon, perhaps open my own soon!"

2006/2/13 19:15:59
Jamie Simcox
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Welcoming Atmosphere
"This place is so great! We were greated as soon as we walked thru the door, served our drinks right away and the sampler platter was perfect. Good pricing - We loved the wall murals!"

2006/2/8 8:42:46
Jeff Renda
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Mark's Sports Bar
"Cheer's like atmosphere. Kick back and relax..."

2006/2/7 18:51:58
Jay Woodard
4 star rating
Rating: 8.0000