Peet's Coffee
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Peet's Coffee
1290 E. Bidwell St.,Suite 110
(916) 817-4527

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4 star rating
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2011/1/12 21:19:25
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Absolute best coffee in Folsom
"Peet's Coffee beats all other coffee & shops in surrounding area/region hands down. The service is top notch, the staff goes out of their way to serve and focus on the customer. The coffee is smooth, balanced & never bitter. They have made me a convert from my previous brand preference. "

2009/7/29 12:37:42
Mark Younger
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

Dog walk friendly
"A little outside fenced area to sit at. Nice walk from local dog park along bike trail but watch for pups who like coffee or muffins."

2007/7/8 16:28:50
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"The best coffee in Folsom!"

2007/6/7 15:54:15
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great Coffee
"Peets has the best tasting espresso in Folsom. "

2006/9/8 12:53:56
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

2006/7/10 14:04:59
Tim Flynn
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Perfect coffee
"I really like Peet's mochas... not sweet... perfect. $4 for a large seems steep but hey the place is always hopping and the baristas a pleasant."