Krua Thai
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Krua Thai
1750 prairie city rd. #150

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3.5 star rating
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2012/1/26 10:23:11
John Adams
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Thai Krua
"My wife and I love this restaurant. When we eat out it is almost always Thai and when we are near home we usually eat at Krua Thai. The menu is very good and the restaurant is very nicely decorated. We are vegetarian and the owner/staff are very accomadating."

2010/8/30 14:05:25
Juan Mora
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Mold on food - 27 AUG 2010
"Our experience at this restaurant was simply TERRIBLE. Here are some of the reasons: 1. The salad that we got, as part of our meal, had brown spots at the tip of the lettuce. The dressing on the salad had a strong taste of mayonnaise. We didnít eat it. 2. The beef salad we ordered had an awful taste. The tomato tasted as they were way pass due and old. The beef left a weird taste on our throats after eating it. Again, we didnít finish it. 3. The Thai ice-tea had an odd taste to it as well. The evaporated milk they used tasted old or perhaps was left outside (unrefrigerated). We didnít finish it. 4. Finally, the red-curry had a green bell pepper with mold on it. I cleaned it and tried to make sure I was not seeing things. I asked my wife to double check it and she confirmed my observationÖit was mold. I informed our server about our finding on the red-curry and she immediately brought it to the attention of another gentleman that seemed to have the title of a manager. The gentlemen approached our table saying it was the where the stem used to be and it was black because it was cooked and mixed with spices. I showed it to him again and pointed out that the black spots were on the side of the piece of bell-pepper and not on the side where the stem used to be. I also pointed out to him the issue with the lettuce on the salad, the beef, and the ice-tea. He because extremely defensive and denied my observations. We asked for our check/bill so we could leave. Disregarding our unpleasant experience and ignoring us as unsatisfied customers, he promptly gave us our check/bill for us to pay. We paid our bill and left. "

2010/1/2 20:04:15
Tiffany Kelly
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"I love thia food , I just moved to folsom and I have tried so many different thai restaurants and I must say this one is the BEST. Everything is always fresh, and great service. I would reccomed this place to everyone!"

2009/3/14 18:37:58
4 star rating
Rating: 8.0000

"fairly good food, decent prices!"

2009/3/13 17:20:58
Mag Will
2 star rating
Rating: 4.0000

Nice but Bland
"I was so excited to have this new Thai restaurant in town. I tried it several times. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Some of the food items were good to average (my husband liked the Thai chow mein) but the items I generally like to order were very bland. I ordered green curry twice and it was not spicy enough and the sauce was too runny (not the right consistency). I love Thai chicken soup, and got it twice from this restaurant but something was missing. Again, it was not spicy enough. I even asked the waiter ahead of time to make it spicy, and it still came to my table watered down and bland. He just brought over the little tray of sauces for me to do it myself. The staff are very courteous and the restaurant atmosphere is pleasant, but the food itself was not very good. I much prefer the new Thai Paradise restaurant in town or the one in Old Folsom. They are much better."

2009/2/7 10:01:18
Alexandria Jahn
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

Great lunches!
"Krua Thai has a great lunch menu. Their curries are delicious (yellow and panang are my favorite) and the prices are fantastic. Service has been good too. "