IN-N-OUT Burger
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IN-N-OUT Burger
225 Old Placerville Rd.

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4 star rating
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2009/2/18 17:46:25
Marianne Seigler
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Very Nice People
"I went through the drive thru at 9:45 am today and noticed this restaurant was not supposed to open until 10:30. The employees were so nice and insisted they make my order anyways. Thank you Angel and Isacc. Best customer service I have received in a long time. Even with the struggling economy this place will survive due to good old fashioned customer is always right mindset."

2009/2/9 19:35:01
Megan Pearson
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"I love In-N-Out, awesome to have one so close! This location did not disappoint. To the comment about it being greasy, it is fast food -deal with it."

2009/2/6 18:54:33
Sara Canas
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"The place was packed but we got our food relatively fast. Shakes and burgers were spectacular!"

2009/2/4 17:56:32
Walter Thivkens
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"Prices were fair, restaurant was clean, service was great and burgers were amazing. All around excellent experience."

2009/2/3 21:41:43
Diana smith
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

In-N-Out Folsom
"I <3 In-N-Out!! This location is awesome! The service was great and the food was amazing:)"

2009/1/28 15:08:37
Kristen Edmonson
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"In-n-Out is sooo good!!!"

2009/1/27 16:38:19
stephanie braden
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

nasty crap!
"nasty greesy fatty food! this is crap! you pick up the burger and greese drips down your arm!"