Cafe Campanile
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Cafe Campanile
4359 Town Center Boulevard # 116
(916) 934-0734

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2009/9/8 21:45:46
Blue Mistero
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"This fine dining restaurant is the best I have ever been to! It's located in El Dorado Hills by the pond in the Town Center and has a very nicec patio for outdoor seating. The food is very authentic and we found out that the head chef/owner is actually from France. Our food was superb and all service was very promp. My salmon special was literally the best salmon I have ever had and my friend's chicken was so moist and tasty. We couldn't help ourselves to dessert so we chose the creme brulee and the chocolate mousse. Both were delicious. The service was friendly and professional. The hostess was very attentive (and really pretty). We also stayed for a drink at the bar and man the bartender knew his stuff! He was great and the bar menu was very original as well as familiar enough. Can't wait to go back! "