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Dominick's Deli
187 Blue Ravine Road

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2010/4/22 12:26:31
Jill Huckaby
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Pizza by the SLICE
"While I met Dominick at his GB location years ago and found him to be super nice, this review is strictly based on the total LOVE I have for his cheese pizza, by the slice, at the Folsom location. My husband stops by periodically and grabs us a slice and side salad and brings it back to work and now I crave it! The thin crust is awesome, and the sauce flavor is simple, not over spicy/zesty! It reminds me of Pizza My Heart in Capitola (that I love) but not as greasy. It is more like Black Hawk Pizza in Danville...another favorite of mine. The only type of its kind as far as I have seen in our area here. So glad my husband found it! Yummm!"

2009/11/19 9:00:06
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

Dominick's FolsoMmmmmmm...
"I've lived in Folsom for roughly 3 years now. I've got a decent idea of where the good "big" restaurants are and I've got a half-cocked idea of where the good "mom and pop" restaurants are. I like Italian food. I like pizza. I'm relatively easy to please. Every time I asked a friend or neighbor if they could pick a decent Italian style restaurant, the only thing that came to mind was Strings Italian, and even then, they'd hesitate. One day, I heard about a place up in Granite Bay that sold deli meat and imported Italian food items on one side and homestyle Italian food on the other (sandwiches, pastas, pizza, etc.). I wished it was a bit closer. NOW IT IS!! The place in Granite Bay has expanded locations. Driving up Folsom-Auburn just past Blue Ravine, I noticed a Dominick's truck in the parking lot next to one of the buildings. A few weeks later, I drove by and looked again. It seemed as though it'd open soon. This past Sunday (11/15), my fiance and I decided to try it out and see what the fuss was about. We walked up and there were only employees inside, but the door was unlocked. We walked in and the owner was there and I guess he was doing a last "dry run" and he asked if we liked the layout and we said we did. He said they wouldn't be open til the next day, but in the meantime, he gave us a couple take-out menus to browse. Really friendly guy. Yesterday (11/18) we returned with our roommate. We couldn't decide on what to get individually, so we ended up getting the Pizza Special of a Cheese Pizza Pie and 24 Wings (the 14" pizza that has 8 slices) for $24.95 and then we added 1 topping for like $1.75 or something like that. We all got a fountain drink and after adding a tip, it came to like $36. While waiting, we checked out the setup. The tables along the perimeter are really high up and the chairs for them are high too (which means hopping down to the ground if you're short like I am.) and the smaller bistro tables in the middle areas of the floor had various images of NY things on them. One had Yankee Stadium. One had a zoomed in map of the NY Subway system. There were HD TVs on the walls that were tuned in to ESPN baseball. The music was set to an all 70's satellite channel. Italian cookies and biscotti lined the shelves on the wall. First came our wings. They were fried without breading of any kind (like they were meant to be!) and the sauce was a sweet/spicy shiny soy sauce colored concoction. It wasn't too sweet, nor was it too spicy. There was chopped parsley thrown on top and it was served with ranch dressing. We all grabbed a wing and nibbled. Roomie made a sad face, and when I asked what was wrong, he said "This makes me sad. Why can't the food we have at work taste like this? Our food sucks." and I said "You like it that much, huh?" and he goes "I want to eat my fingers because of this sauce. I had no idea wings were supposed to be cooked like this.". We all blindly inhaled the wings to the point we lost count of who had how many. Just piles of bones on our smiling Italian face paper plates. Next was the pizza. We'd ordered it with sausage, and I'm so used to chain pizza places throwing the little nuggets of Italian sausage on their pizzas, I was kind of taken aback when I saw what looked like slices of a Hilshire Farms kielbasa. It wasn't that. It was an actual link or Italian sausage that'd been sliced and placed. The crust was thin and bubbled in some spots. Some little char marks on the edges. The cheese went on for days. We each picked up a piece. My roomie added some Parmesan cheese and salt to his piece (he does that to everything.). My fiance added a little Parmesan cheese to his piece. I looked at them like they were crazy (it's rude to add seasoning to something someone else made if you haven't tasted it first.) and I took a bite of mine. The whole thing was hot, fresh, delicious, whatever other words you'd wanna throw in there. The crust was chewy and crisp, dense and thin. It was how a pizza should be. We killed the pizza and off we went. None of us left hungry. My fiance was full and so was my roomie. Two very different people with two very different feelings of fullness and they ate the same amount and were both "good" full. Not so much that they couldn't walk and not so little that they'd eat something else in an hour. I was dopey full. The only iffy thing about the food was the pizza sauce. The texture was great, the amount was great, but the first thing I noticed once the flavors kicked in was "I wonder if they really love oregano.". I'm picky about sauce. If there's too much, I wipe most of it off. If it's too spicy, I wipe it off. If it's bland, off. I didn't wipe ANY of this off the pizza. The order area kind of confused me. There's a menu option of Entree Meals (your pick of pasta, vegetables, and 1, 2, or 3 side portions of entee items), but there's no listing of what you can actually pick in terms of the pasta or the entrees. There's hot pans with lids and spoons and I saw things in them, but I wasn't sure if that was for that or something else. They're still in their first week and things should be more settled later on, and that's one thing I hope they see and make it a little bit more streamlined for the customers (like me) who need signs and people telling them how to do things at a restaurant. All in all, Dominick's was what I expected it to be and what I hoped for it to be. It was also more than I could have pictured. Yeah, I'm sure there are places out there that are just this much better, but that's the case for any place. Now I want a whole basket of their wings to eat in secrecy so my roommate doesn't ask me for any. I'll definitely be going back, and I might even go up and check out their Granite Bay location."