La Rosa Blanca
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La Rosa Blanca
402 Natoma St
(916) 673-9085

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2.5 star rating
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2012/4/15 13:31:42
Rick Custer
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

"Great authenic food, great service, very friendly! Ate here many times, never disappointed!"

2012/2/23 16:06:15
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

Fun Time
"We stopped in for our 2nd visit and discovered by surprise there was live music being provided by a lovely guitar player/singer. Fun atmosphere, everyone was having a good time and the food was delicious. Wait staff care if you are happy."

2010/12/2 21:33:48
ken f
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

poor business practices
"My family and I ate at this restaurant this evening and when we went to use a $25.00 coupon that we had purchased at restaurant .com, we were told by the owners son that they did not honor the coupon. He also informed us that the coupon had expired whereupon I pointed out to him that the coupon expressly indicated that there was indeed no expiration date! He then told us that he would honor $10.00 of the $25.00 certificate. After pointing out to him that the coupon was for $25.00, he credited $22.95 toward our meal. What my wife and I did not like is that we had to gently push the son to honor the certificate. The owner told me that was "making money" on his restaurant. I expressed to him that this nor any other url or business for that matter cannot use any businesses name without that businesses expressed permission and that perhaps he should not have signed his business up in the first place if his intention was not to honor any coupons presented by patrons who had legitametly purchased them in the first place. My family and have lived in Folsom for over 21 years and have gone to many restaurants over that period of time. For a relatively new buisness to Folsom, La Rosa Blanca is not presenting themselves to this community very well at all!! As a side note, my family and I have gone to this restaurant prior to this evening and been charged for soda refills. The owner denies that they do this, however, indicates that other patrons to this restaurant have experienced the same treatment!! Not a good way to present yourself La Rosa Blanca!!"

2010/12/2 20:59:48
ken falvey
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

dinner on 12/2/2010
"My family and I visited this restaurant this evening. We used a coupon to pay for part of our charges and were told "we no longer accept there coupons" My wife, who speaks fluent spanish, overheard the owner telling his son, who was our server, that he did not honor the coupon we were presenting. The server also informed us that the coupon had expired. After I pointed out to the server that the coupon specifically showed that there was no expiration date, he told us that he would honor only $10 of a $25.00 certifcate. He finally relented and gave us $22.95 as a credit toward our meal. My wife expressed her disatisfaction and told the owner that we had been mischarged for a meal on a prior occasion and that only after bringing it to the attention of the owners son (who was also our server at that time), he corrected his "mistake". I pointed out to the owner that he has to sign his restaurant up for and that cannot sell any coupons to any restaurant without their expressed permission. I also indicated to him that by signing his restaurant up for restaurant .com and then not honoring the coupons was a very bad business practice. The owner then opened his front door and asked us to leave. We will not be going back to this restaurant again. It is too bad that this restaurant who is a new business here in Folsom for about the last year has to resort to advertising their name in a coupon website and then not honor coupons purchased validly by the public. My family and I have lived in Folsom for over 21 years and have never experienced something like this. "

2010/8/2 12:38:29
Adam Frick
4 star rating
Rating: 8.0000

More than a Taqueria!
"I wasn't quite sure what to expect based on this location being a former big dip. I was assuming it was going to be a taqueria type restaurant where you order your food and sit down, I was wrong. It is a very quaint sit down restaurant with fast service. They completely remodeled the building to look like someplace you'd see on vacation in cancun where you eat 6 out of your seven days. I stopped in for lunch and was eating within 10 minutes (restaurant was 60% full). Food was good and price was comparable to the other restaurants in town. Salsa was garlic-ey but good (ask for the spicy salsa) Food is familiar but different enough from the other Mexican restaurants in town that I'm sure you'll find a favorite dish that you can't get anywhere else. All-in-all a good experience. I'll be back."