Big Dip Drive-In
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Big Dip Drive-In
402 Natoma St
(916) 985-3041

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3 star rating
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2009/5/2 16:22:05
Victoria Chaney
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000

Big Dip Drive In
"The owners are a sweet couple that cares about you and the quality of your meal. Their rootbeer freezes are the the best around! The fish is alway hot and tasty! The old fashion service that you get from this family owned business is hard to find and we appreciate the warm welcome as we come back again and again!"

2007/9/10 10:20:21
1.5 star rating
Rating: 3.0000

No Air Conditioning?????
"Food was average....they charge for soda refills, and no air conditioning. Not a good place to try out during the summer...maybe winter will be more enjoyable there."

2006/1/15 8:17:50
Fritz Ziegenmeyer
3.5 star rating
Rating: 7.0000

Folsom landmark
"This place has been around forever. Not a bad hole in the wall. Burgers are good. the place could really use a remodeling job, but they may not get enough business to cover the cost. With everything else growing elsewhere in town, the Big Dip isn't in the best location to get lots of business."