Mountain Mike's Pizza
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Mountain Mike's Pizza
717 E Bidwell St # 4
(916) 983-3331

Total Rating
2.5 star rating
Based on 6 votes

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2009/10/28 1:00:58
ravi singh
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

"best pizza "

2007/12/4 19:58:59
Molly Ph
2.5 star rating
Rating: 5.0000

"Clean, friendly staff. Light on the cheese, hardly any sauce and only one kind of crust but it was good. The pepperoni is crispy which brings me back to the old Shakeys days and sausage was good too. Mushrooms were sliced so thin it was hard to taste them. Not sure we'd go back unless I ask for extra sauce."

2007/8/10 19:33:05
diane O'banion
2.5 star rating
Rating: 5.0000

service great/pizza skimpy
"The new owners are very friendly and I have ordered several times for delivery and pick up. I used to go to the rocklin Mountain Mike's, which had the best 20", full of toppings and worth the high $35 price. But this one really skimps on toppings and I have stopped going there because of it. I hope they will check out the quality of the rocklin site and bring theirs up to par. I don't know anywhere else to get such a big pizza."

2005/12/6 18:56:16
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

2005/4/19 1:45:21
Cecil Zoomer
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Very good pizza, new owners seem intent on quality
"It's very obvious that they have cleaned the place up from where the original owners had it last year. I totally agree with the problems a while back, but lately, the pizza has been top notch.. much more affordable than Round Table, but all the brands are good sometimes.. Papa Murphy's uses more toppings, but no delivery.. have fun..."

2004/7/4 11:59:26
Ed Pizzalover
1 star rating
Rating: 2.0000

Great Food/ Horrible Service
"I do not go to the Folsom location anymore (or even attempt to order delivery) due repeated experiences of terrible service. Although I live only 3 miles from the Folsom location, I actually drive about 13 miles to the Orangevale location because they are much nicer there, and even competent. "