Round Table Pizza
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Round Table Pizza
1151 Riley St
(916) 983-0184

Total Rating
2.5 star rating
Based on 3 votes

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2011/3/13 16:45:04
3.5 star rating
Rating: 7.0000

2006/10/6 13:18:36
Dee Edmundson
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

Terrible service, cold pizza
"This is by far the worst Round Table we have ever visited. We had to wait 45 minutes for our pizza even though we kept being told that it was "in the oven." When the pizza arrived it was cold and poorly made with sparse toppings. When I informed the manager about our displeasure no effort was made to make this right. Even though this restaurant is close to our house, we will not be going there again. We felt it was a total waste of our money."

2005/7/11 8:35:05
4.5 star rating
Rating: 9.0000