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Silverado Cleaners
318 E Bidwell St
(916) 984-4475

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2012/5/24 17:16:32
Dina Collins
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

"I've been bringing my clothes to Silverado Cleaners since 2001. I too have had them lose items but then were able to find them. I've come home with someone else's items and had to bring them back. I can live with that. Today, however, they lied to me, bold faced lied. I will never return! I brought in a very special black dress to be cleaned. The female owner and I examined the dress. It had a jeweled clasp for the halter part of the dress and the same jeweled clasp as a belt. She warned me that they might not dryclean it because there is risk of the jewels falling out. She said, they may be able to wrap and protect it but she wasn't sure. The point is we both examined the clasp AND NO JEWELS were missing and it was in perfect shape. I came to pick it up and was told they didn't dryclean it. I examined it and both clasps were damaged. The both had pieces missing from it and one was bent. The owners were called up to talk with me and they said they didn't dryclean it and I must have brought it in that way. I looked at the woman and said we both examined these clasps together and they were in good shape. She said, "I told you some of the jewels were missing." I was aghast! I said something like, "now I know what kind of people I'm dealing with." BOLD FACED liar!! All I would have asked was for them to put a new clasp on the dress and they would have kept a customer...I understand things like that happen. But they lied and didn't take any responsibility. I know they did dryclean it because it didn't smell like it did when we brought it in. LIARS! IT'S CHEAP BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!"

2011/4/8 9:15:30
Heidi Moore
0.5 star rating
Rating: 1.0000

" Bad! bad! bad! Expensive prom dress( Jessica McClintock) gone bad. Went to this place with just small spot and when it was ready to be picked up , I saw two big stains front and back. I guess those two, (male and female) are the owners . They said it was already there when I dropped it in. My daughter tried the dress so many times before that and we didn't see any trace of those spots. How can that be? I was so upset, and adding insult to injury the man said it was just a cheap piece of table cloth!!! How can you say that to a customer? Poor customer service!!! The prom is just 4 days away. I left that place frustrated and disappointed. I went to Folsom cleaners which is next door that same day and the lady, her name is Grace was very nice. Got the dress the following day clean and spotless !!! "

2006/7/18 13:53:47
5 star rating
Rating: 10.0000

Great place for your clothes
"I have been taking my clothes to them for over 1 year and my clothes aways look great. I have not had anything lost and in fact now that they know me my clothes are waiting for me to pick them up. Keep up the great customer service!"

2006/1/23 9:18:50
Toni Smith
1.5 star rating
Rating: 3.0000

Lost items
"We have used Silverado for several months and have had numerous "lost" items. They usually find them, but not always in a time-sensitive manner. Customer service has certainly declined over the last couple of months, and they still have not reimbursed me for a shirt they damaged. Good rates to try at your own risk."