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Tutoring for success is our one and only goal. With over 25 years cumulative experience our tutors offer the top of the line in diagnostics
and successful direct approaches that lead to goal attainment across the subjects. Having run one of the most successful Sylvan Learning Centers
in the nation for three years, Executive Director and lead educator, Dana
Childs has been instrumental in leading literally thousands of students onto
a success filled path to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams.

At Educational Adventures your student's success is our top priority.  We provide individualized skills training, with strategies that actually support healthy neurological patterns which will last a lifetime.  We place a large focus on building positive attitudes and show how these effect personal choices and habits.  We realize that students need additional help and support from time to time, but emphasize personal ownership and responsibility for their lives, future and education. 

Help with:



Study Skills

Test Taking Skills

SAT Test Prep



Special Needs tutoring

and more!


Art, Music, and Homeschool Classes found at


SAT Prep Courses, Full Courses and Mini-Courses available

Both offer stunning results!

"Our job is to work ourselves out of a job!"
Executive Director and Lead Educator, Dana Childs 

Tutoring for success is our one and only goal.  With over 25 years cumulative experience our tutors offer the top of the line in diagnostics and successful direct approaches that lead to goal attainment across the subjects. Having run one of the most successful Sylvan Learning Centers

in the nation for three years, Executive Director and lead educator, Dana Childs has been instrumental in leading literally thousands of students onto a success filled path to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams.

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."  
- George Washington Carver



"Creativity and the Active Mind"

Special seminar for educators and principals

Sponsored by Educational Adventures November 5th


New Advanced Math Tutor joins our Team

Mahyar Ebadi is a senior at Oak Ridge High School with an

extensive background in mathematics. He has mastered

math courses up through Calculus 1.  

He is able to tutor:

Calculus 1

Algebra 2


Algebra 1


Math analysis


"I love to tutor and have been doing so since freshmen year. I am a great teacher and also very patient. I will spend the time to make sure you will learn what you came for."

                                                                                                         Mahyar Ebadi



~ Our Newest Workshop ~

With Freedom and Liberty for All!

Teens Build Your Own


With today’s economic climate we are all striving to empower our teens - our future generation – with the ability to go forth and prosper.  For decades now the school systems have neglected focusing on the freedoms that we have through capitalism. This workshop provides an alternative perspective with the majority of class time spent on application vs. theory.  We will examine the foundations of Capitalism and the fact that without a capitalistic society there can be no DEMOCRACY!

Students will learn from successful business owners in the community and have the opportunity to participate in an internship in their field of interest.  They will leave the class having created their very own business with all the crucial components intact.

·       Business and Economics – Business Plan Writing

·       Business Management Principles

         supported by our Founding Fathers       

·       Customer Service

·       Communications

·       Public Relations and Marketing

·       Compassionate Capitalism and the Christian

·       Individual Contractors/ Licensing/ Insurance/ Bonding

·       Web Design for your Business

·       Basic Quicken Accounting


Field Studies and Guest Speakers throughout!

Project Share Session – Students present their business overview to peers and parents

Instructor Qualifications:  Professor of Business and Economics, Customer Service and Communications for Career College of Northern Nevada;  Managed several successful businesses over the past two decades and acted as functional trainer; PR and Marketing for dozens of local entities;  high school history teacher; Member of Christians in Commerce, ABWA, Soroptimists, B2B, and Who’s Who in American Business.


Algebra Booster Workshop

Does your child struggle with foundational Algebra skills?  Are they constantly second-guessing themselves about where the variable goes in that pesky word problem?  Or wondering which part of the problem is the denominator vs. the numerator?

If so we have great news for you!

A team of math tutors has come together to bring you an affordable and effective workshop that will be filled with skill building fun, games, test taking strategies and skill based activities.  This may be all they’ll need to smooth out the bumpy path ahead of them


·       Foundational Fraction Action

·       Decimals & Fractions & Percents, Oh My!

·       Conversion Immersion

·       Skinnier is Linear (or is it?) ~ Linear Equations and Inequalities

·       Word Problems ~ or are they MATH problems in disguise? 


Ages 11 to 15 yrs. ~

TWO DAYS ONLY! ~ Jan. 4 – 5 ~ 9:30am to 1:30pm

At Educational Adventures

at our Cameron Park office


Tuition $119.00

Registration due by 12/15



Refer and friend and get a $10 discount!

email us at with questions

or to register.

Mail reg. fee to 4120 Cameron Park Dr., Suite 200B

Cameron Park, CA   95682

(530) 677-7290


READING CLUBS forming soon

Get your child excited about reading again, for a fraction of the one-on-one tutoring expense.  We get together and the group creates an identity or group name.  From there we do reading games and exercises, read out loud, enjoy listening to well read stories and more.  Ages 6 to 8 years.  $18 a session/ 8 week series, once a week.



Rates vary from $20 to $45 a session depending upon the level of need.

To form a small study group and bring the rates down contact us,

then contact one or two of your child's peers.


Schedule your complimentary consultation today!


Call (530) 306-2379

or email


4120 Cameron Park Drive ~ Cameron Park, CA  95682

located across from Ace Hardware in the brown buildings

enter through the downstairs lobby below our sign ~ we are at the top of the stairs


5 stars - out of5 based on 9 votes reviews
tutoring for success review Rating: 10.00
2010/2/19 17:28:20
I was highly impressed with the level of service we received from the start. Our child struggled with auditory processing issues and schools had not helped improve his skills very much. We tried several other agencies before we found Educational Adventures. Our son has grown over 2 years in his reading, vocab and comprehension in less than a year. Before this he was about 2 years behind his peers and now he is almost caught up. I would recommend this tutoring agency to anyone.
- Bethany Robbins Deal

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Business Workshops Forming


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$50 off SAT Prep Course
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Tutoring for Success

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