EverGreen Turf & Tree Care

EverGreen Turf & Tree Care

(916) 941-1380

Phone: (916) 941-1380
Fax: (530) 677-4556
4821 Screech Owl Creek Road
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Hours of Operation

List of Categories:
Lawn Care

Commercial & Residential

  • Weekly Mowing Service
  • Lawn Fertilization, Pre-emergent for Crab-grass & Broadleaf
  • Landscape Weed Pre-emergent and Existing Weed Treatments
  • Tree Spraying to 80 feet high for Insects, Fungi & Diseases
  • Systemic Treatments
  • Aeration, Over-seeding & Topdressing
  • and much much more!

We'll take care of your trees, plants, lawns, shrubs, and weeds...

That's our promise!

5 stars - out of5 based on 7 votes reviews
Lawn Care Rating: 10.00
2005/6/8 8:08:43
Hi Al & Rick I just wanted to drop you guys a note and let you know that I truly think what you guys have done with my lawn is amazing! It was so ugly a couple of years ago and now I get compliments all the time. A appreciate you guys coming out to Antelope to help me make my yard beautiful. A couple of my neighbors have asked my secret and I've certainly passed on your name! Thank you 1000x over for your excellent service! Sherri Loomis
- Sheri Loomis

dedicated Rating: 10.00
2005/9/27 19:18:20
Evergreen turf & tree care is awesome! They are very dedicated to customer satisfaction! A+++
- cathy fitch

Thick and Green Rating: 10.00
2005/5/24 9:29:55
Wow, what a difference it makes having a professional care for your lawn! I cared for my own lawn for years and was able to maintain a light green color but could not seem to control the weeds. Now my lawn is dark green, thicker than ever, and weed free! Thanks Al, you rock!
- Adam Frick

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EverGreen Turf & Tree Care

4821 Screech Owl Creek Road
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Phone: (916) 941-1380
Fax: (530) 677-4556

Hours of Operation

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