Wild Bills Cheese Steak Shop

(916) 817-2468

Phone: (916) 817-2468
Fax: (916) 817-2025
2690 E Bidwell St. Suite 300
Folsom, CA 95630
Hours of Operation

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Sandwich and Deli

3.5 stars - out of5 based on 9 votes reviews
SOOO Yummy Rating: 10.00
2006/5/12 8:37:39
I dont remember when the first time I tried CHZ stk. but let me tell you there will never be a last time. The food is delicous, the workers are great (they even remeber your name and what you order half of the time). Such a great resturant with great food, and not over priced!!! GREAT JOB CHEESE STEAK!!!!!!!!
- aw W

cheesesteaks Rating: 10.00
2007/3/7 18:17:37
Lighten up folsom! If you don't like the sandwiches why bitch and complain,go somewhere else then. If you like a philly cheese steak you should go,if you don't stay home and complain about something else. This place is great ,remember you are getting steak not hamburger,it is not a fast food place. How long does it take at in&out burger? It also dosen't cost ten bucks for a burger like islands.If this place was in philly or another city there would be no complaints,so stop being so suburban folsom and get a cheesesteak,,,,
- paul vidi

Great grub! Rating: 10.00
2006/2/20 11:33:49
Perhaps this place evokes too much of a east coast vibe for most folks out here but I think this place is a much welcome addition to the avacado/sushi/bad mexican onslaught that is California cuisine. This is just a great place and is always packed at lunch time. They should have made it three times as big to accomodate the crowd! Try the sweet peppers even if you are not a pepper person.
- Geoff

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Wild Bills Cheese Steak Shop

2690 E Bidwell St. Suite 300
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 817-2468
Fax: (916) 817-2025

Hours of Operation

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