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Color sells products and ideas up to 85% more effectively:

4-color increases advertising response rates up to 60%.

With 25 to 35 year-old readers, color is an expectation in advertising.

Psychologists state that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of that product or service.

Consumers prefer photographic quality graphics over ads with line art.

Advertisers are perceived more credible with ads that have color photos.

Consumer responses are 30% to 60% higher when 4-color is used. Using 4-color increases the chances that advertising will be read.

Consumers remember color.

After 24 hours, consumer recall of full color ads is 53% higher than 2-color ads, and 63% higher than black & white ads.

Color sells products and ideas up to 85% more effectively.

Color accelerates learning, retention and recall up to 78%.

Color Psychology Index 2001, The Direct Marketing Assoc.1996-2001, Newspaper National Network 1999, Signaling Quality and Credibility in Directional Advertising: The influence of Color and Graphics on Choice 1999, American Marketing Association 1996, Newspaper Agency Corporation 1995


Sizing Up the Competition

Money Mailer is the only national company with an oversize, 6"X9" envelope, with a patriotic look and feel. Inside we use a 1/2 page ad format versus the 1/3 page industry standard. This gives our customers 67% more image area to convey their message.
4 stars - out of5 based on 6 votes reviews
Money Mailer is great Rating: 10.00
2007/10/23 12:47:55
I love getting money mailer coupons they have a lot of great deals!
- dan dreher

Money Mailer Of Folsom / El Dorado County Rating: 10.00
2011/4/12 15:38:41
Money Mailer has simply been one of the best R.O.I that I've seen. And the numbers appear better and better each month. I know how much Scott promotes Money Mailer and I feel that has a lot to do with the advertising success. I will continue to advertise with Scott for many years to come! Carter's Carpet Restoration,
- Dean Carter

Money Mailer Of Folsom Rating: 10.00
2009/3/23 22:08:23
“Thank you for talking me into placing a coupon in the Money Mailer. The results have been far greater than my expectations. During our first run we received over 245 coupons accounting for almost $3,500 profit. This was clearly a success larger than we had hoped for. Please feel free to use me as a reference concerning the value that you're advertising mail outs produce. Sincerely, Bill Smith, Owner-Burger Hut, El Dorado Hills, CA
- Bill Smith

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Money Mailer

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Phone: (916) 798-0946
Fax: (866) 655-3705
Cell: (916) 798-0946
Hours of Operation

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