Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School

Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School

(916) 989-9182

Phone: (916) 989-9182
9932 Inwood Road
Folsom, CA 95630
Hours of Operation

Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School has served students residing on the northwest side of the American River in Folsom since September 1987. Sundahl is a K-6 learning environment. We operate on a traditional year calendar. Our student enrollment, reported on the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) in October 2004, was 452 students. Our campus houses 20 classrooms, a library/media center, a technology lab, small group instructional spaces, and a Student Care/Preschool Center. Our multipurpose room/cafeteria complex includes a stage/music room as well as a serving kitchen and basketball court. Our Life Lab, an outdoor learning center and picnic bench area, was built by our PTA. The classrooms, library, technology lab and office complex are linked through a computer network system that supports the instructional program technically and allows access to the Internet. All classrooms are equipped with multiple computer stations and Internet access for curriculum and research support. Our technology lab presently houses 34 Internet-linked computers for student instruction, a teaching station and an LCD projector for group technology lessons. This new technology lab was funded in part by our Carl Sundahl Parent Foundation. Technology access for staff and students is a focus at Sundahl which is supported by both teachers and parents.

At Carl Sundahl we are committed to preparing all our children to achieve all they are capable of being. Our primary goal is to prepare our students to become responsible citizens and productive, caring members of our society. Our strong educational programs work to support each student in successfully meeting the challenges of learning. Opportunities for differentiated learning help to provide appropriate challenges for all students, including those identified for GATE. Instructional intervention programs are offered to insure all students are supported in meeting grade level standards in reading and math. These programs include our primary Ready Reader tutoring program, an individualized Read Naturally program, and small group pull-out math and reading tutorial programs. A wide variety of curriculum and enrichment activities are offered by staff and parent volunteers, including primary music, choir, visual art instruction, class performances, FAME Art Docent program, and after school enrichment clubs.

Our school culture is to provide an academically challenging curriculum in a caring and positive school environment. Our highly skilled staff is comprised of all veteran teachers, numerous mentor teachers, and three National Board Certified instructors. Our Sundahl's Character Skills (Confidence, Motivation, Effort, Responsibility, Initiative, Perseverance, Caring, Teamwork, Common Sense, Personal Best, Problem Solving and Trustworthiness) provide a foundation for the teaching of powerful life skills. A schoolwide program of Dazzling Dolphins recognizes and celebrates students' positive behaviors. Our active Student Council provides students the additional opportunity to develop their leadership skills and the importance of community service.

Carl Sundahl is well known for its strong supportive parent community. In addition to being classroom volunteers, parents also serve on our Site Council and Safety Committee, which assist with important curriculum, budget and facility decisions. Our PTA and Foundation parent groups plan numerous activities which serve as a positive bond between home and school and provide financial support for many of our programs.

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Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School

9932 Inwood Road
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: (916) 989-9182

Hours of Operation

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